DAVID: The Blog Tour, 2011

DAVID will be published by Bloomsbury in the UK on 4th July, in Australia and New Zealand on 1st September, and in the USA on 11th October 2011.

Mary Hoffman will be visiting some of the leading blogs for readers and writers of young adult fiction to talk about David.Catch her at these venues during July and August 2011:

Week 1:
Monday 4th July – Nicola Morgan, Help I Need a Publisher 
Tuesday 5th July – Katherine Langrish, Seven Miles of Steel Thistles 
Wednesday 6th July – David and Kelly, YA Book Reads 
Thursday 7th July – Kirsty Connor, Overflowing Library 
Friday 8th July – Becky Scott, The Bookette
Saturday 9th July – Jon and Chris Page, Love That Book AU
Sunday 10th July – Cass Chu, Words on Paper AU

Week 2:
Monday 11th July – Leanna O’Reilly, Daisy Chain Book Reviews 
Tuesday 12th July – Stephanie Higgins, Books Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Wednesday 13th July – Michelle Cardozo, Fluttering Butterflies
Thursday 14th July – Gareth Wilson, Falcata Times and Tatty’s Treasure Chest 
Friday 15th July – Ann Giles, Bookwitch
Saturday 16th July – Saskia and Roslyn, Tea Mouse Book Reviews AU
Sunday 17th July –Bec Kavanagh A Thousand Words

Week 3:
Monday 18th July – Jill Murphy, The Bookbag
Tuesday 19th July – Carly Bennett, Writing from the Tub 
Wednesday 20th July – Louise Ellis-Barrett, Armadillo
Thursday 21st July – Anne Rooney, Stroppy Author’s Guide to Publishing 
Friday 22ndJuly – Miss Brown, Mostly Reading YA
Saturday 23rd July – Liz de Jager, My Favourite Books
Sunday 24th July – History Girls

Week 4:
Monday 25th July – Amanda Rutter, Floor to Ceiling Books
Tuesday 26th July – Karen Meek, Teenage Fiction for All Ages 
Wednesday 27th July – Jesse Owen, Books 4 Teens
Thursday 28th July – Samantha Huddart, A Dream of Books
Friday 29th July – Saviour Pirotta, Swords and Sandals 
Saturday 30th July – Pat Pledger, Read Plus
Sunday 31st July – Jenny Sharp, Revolving Papyrus

Week 5:
Monday 1st August – Vicki, Heaven, Hell and Purgatory
Tuesday 2ndAugust – Sarah Baker, What Sarah Reads
Wednesday 3rd August – Dwayne Halim, Girls Without a Bookshelf
Thursday 4th August – Lucy Coats, Scribble City Central