Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Lets Toys be Toys

I am so impressed by this campaign! Toys - and books - labelled "for girls" or "for boys" should be a thing of the past.

From the seven-year-old girl who objected to Tesco's putting a "for boys" sign on a superhero alarm clock to the seven-year-old boy who can't wait for me to teach him to knit this weekend, our children do NOT fit into the commercial boxes that some companies want to create for them.

I can honestly say that what one mother of a newborn called called "the tsunami of pink" is far worse now than when I raised my three daughters. At least they had She-Ra as well as Flower Fairies.

And from what I hear it's just as bad for boys.

When I was little I hated all dolls but I might have felt differently if they had looked like this:

This is a "Lammily doll," the first ever to be made to ordinary human proportions, unlike Barbies and Sindys. You can even add tattoos, stretch marks and cellulite!

I reviewed a book called "Made by Raffi"  on the blog here. It is about a real boy who doesn't care for football but prefers to make clothes.

I liked books, drawing things, toy animals, dressing-up clothes (male and female), my toy Post Office and toy circus. I liked pretending to be cowboys, soldiers and guards, as well as princesses.

So I give my support to (You can use the hashtag #shopoutsidethebox this Christmas)


maryom said...

I think I benefited from being an only child - I had both cars and dolls! Oddly though my mother drew the line at Lego, which she considered a boy's toy, and I had to make do with cast off Bettabuilder from a cousin. So I made sure both of my daughters had had cars, dolls and Lego!

Ronald I Bremer said...

I definitely think this toy would be a great gift idea for any Disney Jr fan - boy or girl!  The creative and imaginative play, as well as the track building - future engineers?? - is fun for any child. So try great gifts for toddlers from

Anonymous said...
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