Sunday, 26 May 2013

Woolly bullies and Book snatchers

Two great picture books from Scholastic.

You don't very many books about mammoths. Though they featured in Julia Donaldson and Emily Gravett's Cave Baby three years ago. I was immediately put in mind of a friend who had a fierce grey cat called Woolly Bully.

But the grey mammoths in this book are kind, A mother and father and two older brothers, who welcome the new baby and call her Woolly. Only she isn't. She is a naked pink baby mammoth and for most of the book her family are finding ways to dress her in warm coverings so that she can out and make friends.

The most successful outfit is a onesie - complete with cap - knitted from goat wool. But poor Woolly feels too hot, on the coldest day of winter. And when the woollen onesie unravels she is revealed in all the glory of pink woolliness.

It's a lovely warm (!) book, written and illustrated by Sam Childs (who used to be Susie jenkin-Pearce, until she developed a new style with the Little Zeb books). I wish it hadn't been a girl mammoth though - that association of girls with pink is too deeply entrenched elsewhere.

Another book from Alison Green's imprint at Scolastic is The Snatchabook:

This might not be the final cover image

by Helen and Thomas Docherty, a husband and wife team.

"In every house,
In every bed,
A bedtime book
was being read."

If only! This is an idyllic woodland world, where all creatures take seriously their bedtime parental responsibilities. But something, someone, has been stealing all the books. Eliza Brown, a rabbit who lives in a tree, tracks down the thief.

And instead of being punished, the deprived little Snatchabook is allowed to hear a bedtime story in a different home every night.

This one's not out yet but it's going to be a hit. I saw them both in Bologna.

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Stroppy Author said...

Definitely reading that mammoth book. Ddi you read the Mammoth Academy series by Neal Layton ( I thought they were great. Mammoths don't get enough exposure. Except naked ones, of course, who get too much.