Monday, 13 May 2013

My new website

My new website has been designed for me by Anne Rooney. It is my fourth in about thirteen years. And the great thing about this one, made using Wix, is that I can update it myself.

Well, when I say "I can," it has been a bit of a learning curve and I'm not at the crest of that wave yet. But it is really learnable and will get easier every time I do it. Anne gave me good instructions and then held my hand through the first update (well, not literally: I needed both hands to do it).

One of the problems is that I have written an awful lot of books and an awful lot of kinds of book. Not really "awful" - at least not most of them. And not as many as Anne.

But I think it's a lot easier to navigate round the new site. Even though it has made no difference to how well I navigate round my working life. You can't have everything.


Cambria Ludwig said...

The site looks great, Mary. My only feedback is that I think the images on the homepage need to be re-sized. I think the site will look more professional if the book covers featured on the first page are shown in full. Other than that, I think you and Anne did a good job.

Unknown said...

It’s great that you categorized your books. That would give your followers easy access to the books they’re looking for. Also, you know how to showcase your books to them. Everything that they need to know can be found in your website. Good job!

Michelle Pittman @ Maverick Web Marketing