Friday, 15 June 2012

I didn't mean to post again ...

before going on holiday. So dang you, Caroline Lawrence! I should be packing for Panama but instead am writing about pistol packing P.K.Pinkerton.

P.K. (Pinky), the gender-ambiguous child detective of The Case of the Deadly Desperadoes is back - and with a vengeance. Only the vengeance is directed towards Pinky by the two surviving desperadoes of the first book. And, to make matters worse, the one who was killed has left a power vacuum, which many other gunmen are just dying to fill (some literally).

But nothing will divert P.K. from the main business of discovering who murdered Short Sally, a "Soiled Dove" (see Glossary), albeit one who has retired from the Oldest Profession. (How does Caroline Lawrence get away with these things? Especially in the USA, I wonder).

The trouble is there are just too many men meeting the eye-witness's description and P.K. is not good at remembering faces. As before, the plot is a high-octane, roistering, cliffhanger-filled ride through the Wild West and P.K. the most interesting and unusual protagonist in Junior fiction.

Without doubt, Pinky runs The Number One Children's Detective Agency - though the drink of choice is Sarsaparilla rather than Redbush Tea!


Katherine Langrish said...

Sounds fabulous, and I adored the first one - can't wait to read this!

Anonymous said...

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