Sunday, 3 July 2011

Blog of Blogs

It's publication day tomorrow and you must allow me a little gloat here about this fine young man. So far I've been interviewed on Radio 4's Open Book, by the Oxford Times and the Oxford Mail, who married me off to Ross King! (I had a hard time explaining that one to me husband).

Have also had two nice reviews in print (Saturday Times and Financial Times on 2nd July) and the first one, online, was a corker from the Bookbag:

But the real business starts tomorrow, with, TARAAA! The David Blog Tour. You can see the banner with the lsit of dates and places where I'll be for the next month (yes, month!) on the right, a page under Home. Many thanks to Emma Bradshaw at Bloomsbury for helping to organise it and to Anne Rooney for making the banner.

The tour begins, appropriately enough for publication day, at the Blog home (one of them) of Nicola Morgan, whose book Write to be published came out last month. Now, I can't write an unbiased review of this indispensable work, since I urged her to write it and have a quotation from me on the back.

It is the distillation of all her words of wisdom - and how many of them there have been and still are - on her Help I Need a Publisher blog:
If I as the author of over 90 published books find useful stuff in here then you can see how invaluable it is for a beginner.

Anyway, Nicola, thank you for starting the ball rolling for my first Blog Tour.

And while we're on the subject of Blogs, I've started a new joint one, with 25 other writers over at The History Girls: If you like historical fiction, do drop by and take a look.


Nicola Morgan said...

I am just tidying my blog ready for your visit, Mary! I have got flowers and everything. Hope you have a nice time.

bookwitch said...

Flowers? Are you trying to show me up?

Mary Hoffman said...

What I got chez Bookwitch was a request for more sex!

But there's time to lay in flowers before David's actual blog-visit, Ann.

And thanks for the nice review.

Stroppy Author said...

Are these requests for sex and these flowers directed at Mary or David. Knowing those two as I do....

Welcome to our world, David - those ladies will give you a hard time. Congratulations, Mary.

Katherine Langrish said...

Fanfare for 'David'! Hip hip hooray!

Mary Hoffman said...

Thanks all. I feel that David (Gabriele) is getting a reputation to rival Seth McGregor's!

jamaima cyrus said...

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Emma Watson said...

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