Monday, 4 April 2011

Bologna images

This was the picture of the Nosy Crow stand I couldn't upload before.

You can see how it now fits right into the Bologna pattern.

Below is a cowgirl I happened to run into at the Orion stand. It was a fabulous outfit and I realised immediately that it must be the author of The Western Mysteries, Caroline Lawrence. She was happy to pose for her own "Wanted" poster and is very much alive.

You see, writers have to work really hard nowadays, not just producing books but getting out there and promoting their wares. It got me thinking about how I could dress for David but that's a bit of a problem since he wears nothing, is very male and about seventeen feet high.

Still I'll add a solution at the end. Caroline, you have given us all a hard act to follow and I'm sure your publishers are very pleased with you.

There were no cowgirls or Romans in togas at the IBBY press conference. Just the exciting news that the 2012 Congress will be held in London at Imperial College 23-26 August. The theme is: Crossing Boundaries: Translations and Migrations.

One of the confirmed main speakers is Shaun Tan, who won the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award at the Fair, so the IBBY organisers are right on the button.

This is my promotional shot for David. We went on to Florence for a few days after the Fair and I just had to show him the jacket (though it was actually wrapped around another book, proof copies being in short supply).

This is not the "real" David of course, because that is in the Accademia. Or in my book, if you like.

One thing I know, I am not stripping for my art, so this will have to do.

Another year, another Fair. Lots of prosecco, pasta, ice-cream and pizza. Quick swigs of espresso, queues for the loo, restaurants and bars mysteriously closing down, appointments made or missed. Next year ... I'll be back.


catdownunder said...

The thought of what one might need to do to promote a book is terrifying!

Anonymous said...

Easy! You hire yourself a handsome young man, willing to walk about in the nude, and then the two of you go places...

michelle lovric said...

Bookwitch has a point. Shall I ask Mr February from the Gondolier Calendar if he's up for a little moonlighting?

Lovely photo of you with Faux-David!

Mary Hoffman said...

I think that the Bookwitch and Michelle are on to something here!

Shall I suggest it to Bloomsbury?

Maybe I'd have to have a portable figleaf in case someone like Queen Victoria happens by. (You know there is a separately displayed figleaf in the V and A that used to adorn the David replica?)

Stroppy Author said...

What a splendid idea, Bookwitch and Michelle! I'd better come and check out that he's suitable...

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