Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sent to Coventry

You may not know that I am a member of the SAS. It's the "other" SAS = Scattered Authors Society and every now and again, it un-scatters and gets together - some of it - to talk about writing, publishing, editors, agents, book tours, blogs etc.

Above is a picture of some of us hard at work talking about such things in Coventry last weekend.

There was an ugly moment on Sunday morning when at 11.30am. 35 authors found there was no coffee, but here is a picture of happier times.

After introductions, including from a lot of new members, we discussed what publishers consider hot currently in children's books, historical research, people's working methods, political correctness, independent booksellers and forging connections.

I cunningly left before the part where people volunteer to organise next year's conference but I believe we do have two noble members who stepped forward. It's always fascinating to hear what other people are writing, what hassles they are experiencing, what changes of direction, what shortlistings and awards they have had. It's such a generous bunch, always ready to celebrate colleagues' successes and mourn one another's woes.

And a wonderful joint repository of information and help. Long live the SAS - Who Shares Wins.


Miriam Halahmy said...

And you gave us an excellent talk about your writing method and your amazing looking new novel - David. Thanks Mary.

Stroppy Author said...

Yes, Mary, don't be so modest - you were a star attraction! And everyone was such good company. Well done and a huge thank you for you bit in the organising, Miriam - your effort is greatly appreciated.

JH said...

Yes! Who Shares Wins. Isn't that true for life? It's so much fun to get a glimpse of other writing communities. Thanks for this.

Mary Hoffman said...

Miriam Halahmy and Sue Barrow don't appear in either of these two pictures but were our amazing
organisers for this year.

Johanna - come to the UK and visit us!

Pauline Fisk said...

Hello Mary, I'm sure the most straightforward way of getting information about the Scattered Authors Society would be to google it, but I thought I'd ask as I'm here anywhere, browsing through your Book Maven site. I'm a children's author too. I'm sure we've met at Bloomsbury. Take a look at the blog I've just started up on my new website,, or contact me via my Facebook page. Any advice on this blogging malarchy would be gratefully received!

Sarah Allen said...

Great post! Looks like a good time.

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)