Friday, 24 September 2010

Why Waterstone's has done the right thing

I just heard through my Bookseller Bulletin that Waterstone's Piccadilly has opened a separate section for teen books. You can read more here:

What a brilliant move, I thought, and then, "why hasn't it been done before?" If you think of teen books as Young Adult, you can see straightaway that the emphasis should be on the "adult" rather than the "young."

No self-respecting 13-year-old and up wants to be seen in the Children's section amid the picture books and novelties. Better by far to have their own section, which will also include books written for adults but thought to have teen appeal.

So three cheers for Waterstone's and may all book shops with enough space follow suit.


Katherine Langrish said...

Sounds a very sensible idea - I wonder if all the other branches will follow suit?

Anonymous said...

So long as they know which books to put there...