Wednesday, 31 March 2010

To blog or not to blog

This was the name of the talk Rhiannon Lassiter and I gave at the Society of Authors CWIG meeting last night, but it was about all forms of social networking for writers. In the picture, as well as Rhiannon and me, is Celia Rees - just because she was there and is lovely.

I had calculated that the members might be divided into rough thirds: those who were scared of technology an didn't know how to use it; those who who were moderately involved, for example having a website and blog but not being sure they were making the most of these; and those who were up to date and confident.

In the end, the first third were in the majority and the last third under-represented.(Possibly because Lucy Coats and Anne Rooney couldn't get a ticket and Candy Gourlay was at the launch for Jonathan Mayhew's Mortlock.)

Rhiannon had made a great PowerPoint and I had done some handouts. It was pretty intense and people did very well to stay engaged till the end. I hope it will lead to more bravery for people teetering on the brink and encourage them to take the plunge - after all, the water's lovely.


Stroppy Author said...

Very sorry I couldn't get in, but I'm glad it went well. Probably better really that the places went to people who needed your help rather than have Lucy and I cheering you on :-)

Lucy Coats said...

You know how much I wanted to come, Mary! Still, if there's another, I shall chain myself to the railings till they let me in if there are no tickets again....