Saturday, 6 March 2010

The joys of stationery

That Hilary Mantel talks a lot of sense. Here she is writing in the Guardian today about stationery:

I've never met a writer who did not admit to the lure of stationery. Even quite upright citizens of the writing persuasion have been known to purloin items such as staplers and hole-punches from offices where they temp or have permanent day jobs.

One of the joys of living in the rather ugly little town where I am is that I have an account at the local stationer who can get me anything I order by the next day.Their catalogue is my kind of porn (second only to those glossy brochures about Italian villa holidays).

Before we moved away from London, there was a man with a van who would come round within 24 hours of my phone call - my filing cabinets came from him.

When I start a new Stravaganza book, I need index cards of a different colour from last time, to put new characters on or record new information about characters who have already appeared.

Of course there are the dullish renewables like Prittstick, envelopes and printer cartridges, which don't make my heart sing so much. But I am just having new business cards made in seven heavenly colours, which will perk up my mood enormously.

And buying a marbled notebook in Florence, Siena or Venice is a pretty orgasmic experience.

Sad? Hilary Mantel doesn't think so and she won the Booker prize.


Katherine Roberts said...

I have a growing collection of small notebooks, mostly with nothing in them (yet!). But I love the lure of paper beautifully bound. There's one notebook with Moroccan mares prancing on the cover that is now full of doodles and notes from three years of Charney conferences. No notebook computer with gigabyes of memory and singing, dancing graphics will ever replace that!

Nicola Morgan said...

Mmmmmmmm, Moleskine. I'd resisted for ages because I thought they were too expensive. But they work. There's something about them.

Anonymous said...

Immediately after we got married I painted the husband's filing cabinet in 'Brighton Rock'. Yes, that's exactly as pink as it sounds.

Currently the daughter and I are into Marimekko folders. And the Swedish bookshop last year sold the most divine diaries. Dark pink for her and lime green for me.

adele said...

No,I, like Hilary M don't go for Moleskine at all. Like the Maven though, I cherish my Venice notebook and my Florence one. The Venice one is so beautiful that it stands on my desk for me to look at and I haven't written a single word in it. Also very fond of those Chinese silky ones you could get quite cheaply at Paperchase some years ago. And I have one with a golden dragon on the covers which are black silk....shame I write on a computer, really!

Katherine Langrish said...

I buy a differently coloured hardbacked A5 spiral bound notebook for every new book!

Dianne Hofmeyr said...

Yes I'm also completely transported by any marbelled Florentine or Sienese notebook. Papyrus just around the coner in the Fulham Road used to stock them and I'd go in and drool and buy gold wax sticks (to seal envelopes with as one does!)But sadly Papyrus has closed and I'm a little richer in cash but poorer in experience!