Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Have a very merry Christmas - no, really!

(This is specially for Lynn Price over at Behler Blog, who has nothing but the sea in California to look at - hah!)

This NOT going to be a "Bah humbug!" post about Christmas, because I'm sick of all those journalists like Charlie Brooker and Will Self and - well, just about everyone who writes about Christmas - moaning on about wasting money on presents, hating spending time with extended family and eating and drinking things they don't enjoy.

I LOVE Christmas! And this year, weather and travel arrangements permitting, we'll have all three daughters and their partners, plus my sister, so nine of us, followed by a visit from another four plus baby and another three plus two little boys. Magic! I can't wait to see my little nephews opening what we've got for them.

I have just written a new Grace picturebook and in it I say "Christmas was Grace's favourite day of the year, even better than her birthday.She loves everything about it - the tree, the presents, going to church, singing carols and eating a big Christmas dinner. And so do I.

So a happy Christmas from Grace and me. See you in 2010!


Anonymous said...

So totally jealous. Can you see how green with envy I am? It's not just because the beagle mixed creme de mint in my margarita, either. Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the snow for me.

Linda Strachan said...

I totally agree. More joy and less grumbling and cynicism is what is needed, this and every year. Happiness is contagious so let's spread it around!

Have a wonderful Christmas, Mary.

Mary Hoffman said...

You too, Linda! Especially with that lovely new grandchild.

Leslie Wilson said...

Hope they all get to you safely and you have a lovely time, Mary!!


Stroppy Author said...

I hope you have a fantastic time, Mary. That lamp-post looks very Narnia.... I always thought the path up to the UL, in the snow was quintessentially Narnian. Sorry, digression. Even though my Christmas this year is very unChristmassy until 28th, I am still a big fan of Christmas :-)

Unknown said...

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